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Beacon Bits

This utility is for developers building beacon/iBeacon applications, to make testing more convenient.

When first building an a beacon-enabled app, you may not have a box of Estimote beacons or other beacon hardware laying around to help you test, but you’ve probably got access to two or more iOS devices. This app turns your device into a beacon, or can act as a beacon locator – helping you test and debug.

Download Beacon Bits from the iTunes AppStore.


WayFinder is the product of a ContextHub hackathon we held at ChaiOne in March 2014. It uses bluetooth beacons to help newcomers to our Houston location get a tour of the office right on their device. Each time they reach a beacon, they get interesting facts about the company, or info about some of our more recent projects.

The reason we chose this project for the ContextHub hackathon is because normally this would be a pretty intense undertaking for a hackathon. However, thanks to the simplicity ContextHub provides, the WayFinder team was able to produce this fully functioning, beacon powered application in no time.

Grab the source off of GitHub, and build your own WayFinder app in minutes!