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POST ​/api​/logs

Accepts JSON structured data and logs it to the server. A sample log message could look like this:

  curl -X POST "" \
       -H "CONTEXTHUB_DEVICE_ID: DB4E6157-D64F-43EE-B114-39A13D2B9BC7" \
       -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
       -H "Authorization: Token token=\"534e565f-335a-469d-974e-e18a85f00d2d\"" \
       -d $'{\n  "log": {\n    "source": "api",\n    "message": "sample message",\n    "user_info": {\n\t  "first_name": "Bruce",\n      "last_name": "Lee"\n\t}\n  }\n}' \
       -m 30 \
       -v \


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This endpoint accepts any valid JSON


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